Snap-in Dentures


What is a Snap-in-Denture?

A “Snap-in Denture”, also knows as an Overdenture, is a removable denture held in place by two or more dental implants.  The upper arch requires at least 4 implants, while the lower arch requires at least 2 implants, although adding more implants will add more stability and better long-term prognosis.  These dentures are implant retained by attaching to the implants and tissue supported to take the weight of the denture load.  This makes them more stable and less likely to move while eating or speaking.

Snap-in-dentures are made of acrylic and reinforced with either a metal mesh or a metal frame work to help absorb the extra force that comes with the stability that implant dentures offer.  

As mentioned previously, Snap-in dentures are removable, which enables the patient to clean the dentures and the tissue around the implants as needed daily.  This offers an advantage over Fixed dentures or All-on-Four dentures which require more daily cleaning and maintenance.

Snap-in-dentures offer a great option to patients that desire a denture with more stability from dental implants and comes at a lower cost than a Fixed denture like and All-on- Four.

What do Snap-in Dentures Cost?

2 Implants and Overdenture - $5000 - This includes the Final Overdenture, the Attachments and 2 implants.*

4 Implant and Overdenture - $6400 - This includes the Final Overdenture, the attachments and 4 implants.*

*This does not include extractions and Bone grafting

Financing options available

We accept CareCredit and sunbit.



Reserve your Free Consult to determine if you are a good candidate! 

Free Consult includes necessary photos, x-rays and CBCT 3D image.  Value of over $700.  

Due to the time and value of this service a $100 refundable deposit is required at the time of appointment.

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