Dental Crowns

Crowns in Glendale, AZ

Decayed, broken, and missing teeth affect your oral health and your self-confidence. When a tooth has suffered structural or cosmetic damage, a dental crown from Paseo Family Dental & Dentures can restore a tooth’s function and appearance.

A crown is a protective or aesthetic covering for a broken-down tooth. Dr. Chugg uses crowns made of ceramic or zirconia because of their strength and tooth-like aesthetic properties.

Dr. Chugg might recommend a crown to:

  • Strengthen and protect a tooth if extensive decay hasn’t left enough healthy tooth structure for a traditional filling
  • Protect a cracked, broken, or brittle tooth from further damage
  • Restore and reinforce a tooth after a root canal procedure
  • Cover a deeply discolored or irregularly shaped tooth
  • Complete a dental implant procedure
  • Serve as an anchor for a dental bridge

SAME DAY Crowns at Paseo Family Dental & Dentures

Dental Crowns Glendale AZ

Many crown placements can be completed the SAME DAY in one appointment at our Glendale dental office. Your dental crown can be completed in,

  • One appointment if the crown can be completed in office
  • Two appointments if the crown has more complicated esthetic or design requirements

During the visit, tooth preparation includes reshaping the top and sides of the tooth so the crown fits comfortably. If too much healthy tooth structure has been lost, Dr. Chugg will build up the tooth with filling material so that it will support a crown securely.

An impression or a computer model is made of the prepared tooth, and a final crown is completed the same day. If a final crown is not possible a temporary is made of composite resin that is put in place to protect the tooth while the finished crown is fabricated. Every crown at Paseo Family Dental & Dentures is custom designed to make sure it fits comfortably, aligns with the surrounding teeth, and doesn’t interfere with bite or jaw movement.

If a second visit is needed because the crown needs more time to complete for esthetics or specific design requirements, Dr. Chugg will put the finished crown in place and makes any needed adjustments to ensure that it fits properly before bonding it to the tooth. When the placement is ideal, the crown is secured in place using a special dental cement.

The Best Materials for Quality Restorations

Here at Paseo Family Dental & Dentures, we use the highest quality materials and most up-to-date technology in our restorations to provide you with natural-looking and durable results. We use BruxZir® NOW Zirconia and BruxZir® NOW Esthetic Zirconia crowns which are designed for superior strength and durability.  These crowns are long-lasting and resistant to cracks, meaning you won't have to worry about replacing your crown.

We also use porcelain, which is a commonly used material in restorations and esthetic treatments such as veneers. Porcelain crowns are more translucent which gives them a more life-like appearance. However, they are not as strong as zirconia crowns and may not be the best choice for molars.

Because a crown improves both the form and the function of a tooth, it is one of the most popular restorative treatments available. At our Glendale, AZ office, crowns can be made same day with the strongest material available - BruxZir® NOW.  We offer a painless and efficient experience. Talk to Dr. Chugg, your trusted Glendale dentist, to discover how a crown can enhance the health and the appearance of your smile. 

If You Are Interested in Learning More About Our Dental Crowns Services, Call Paseo Family Dental & Dentures in Glendale, AZ at (623) 487-1122 Today!

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